As you can see, I am a student looking for a carrier or a university related to my interests. Architecture caught my eye ever since I was younger. Modern and artistic structures were always a wonder to me and had me curious of how they were made. For me to reach my target, I have been taking online courses as an extra, while studying at a basic leveled school. Adding to what I’ve stated, I also took lessons of different languages such as German, English and Filipino. At this period where communication is considered the most important, I believe that this would be a great advantage for my carrier. Mastering at least three languages gives me a chance to be more flexible regarding to workplaces. Growing up with travelling as a part of my life, makes it easier for me to adopt a new environment. I tend to observe and learn lots of new things, especially the different perspectives of the people.

Upon hearing the different stories of the elders about educational reputation and job applications, I realized that one must really work hard to maintain a stable life. I had looked into my decisions and decided to try harder. The eager of achieving a comfortable life made me persistent of this particular goal. Although the process of creating the website is a challenge, I intend to represent myself through this for the near future.

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