online classes

So apparently, the online school was kind of easier. The teachers simply would give tasks and arrange meetings through BBB or Google meet.  It was also a lot easier to perform a presentation since it isn’t facing to face. Almost everything was comfortable when done at home. Students like me would almost think of it as perfect. However, learning was not made easy. It may be easier when it comes to anxiety handling but not if it’s learning. Currently, I’ve been struggling to understand the lessons fully. Learning simply with a book or a reference is really hard. It is true that our teachers would arrange meetings to answer questions but this is not the point. For me, in order to learn something, it had to be explained step by step. It is also really uncomfortable to ask questions, mid discussion, knowing that you’ll interrupt the session. All of our sessions are time-limited so it’s not like you could ask directly and comfortably like in real life. We also can’t meet teachers after class and if we had questions, we had to ask them through email. Overall, I’m fine with how things are. As they’ve said, “change is only the permanent thing in the world.”

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