The pictures below are the artworks I created. Some of them are portraits of people. There would be more of them that I’d be working on. I’ll update as often as possible since I only do artworks on my free time. Although I’m not that good at it, I’m glad to share my works with you.

What I love to do

 For hobbies, I like to read, listen to music, look at pictures, surf through the internet and draw the most. I took an interest for art at a young age and started drawing cartoon characters or anything I find interesting to imitate. As I kept practicing, I found myself enjoying it, so whenever I’d get to have some free time, I start to draw or do some crafts. Sometimes, I’d also paint, create objects using paper or do some crafts through cutting.

I also enjoy writing down my thoughts but I only seldom do that. It would be challenging for me because I feel better writing journals in English, which is not my dialect. It does help me to communicate fluently with my international friends. Writing journals in English allows me to think in a flow using the foreign language, especially when English is being used a lot in school.

At the same time, I read lots of books because it keeps my mind refreshed through my own imaginations. I enjoy reading a lot since I take an interest in artworks which requires creativeness. Because of this, I tend to be fluent with built up imaginations.

Moving on, I also tend to enjoy looking up for pictures and new information through the internet. These activities are more of my habits instead of hobbies. Sometimes, I get distracted with articles and pictures through the internet and out of curiosity I lose focus. The pictures are always a great help for me to enhance my creativity since it allows me to add even the tiniest bit of detail I’ve seen to my memory. Although I’m used to doing this too often, I tend to be forgetful. I usually remember things through my subconscious.

When it comes to reading, I spend hours on reading the material especially when already started reading it. I’d lose track of time when doing so and because of that, I find reading pretty addictive. With the technology we have today it would be easy for me to get access to reading. Reading is always a part of me and there wouldn’t be a day without me opening a website. Especially at the season of interesting topics to get reported or written about, I’d always get the chance to read on the internet.

When I’m on the internet, I usually browse about people. I find character, behavior, and disorders interesting. I read about their causes, symptoms, effects and treatments. Although I find these topics interesting, I find it challenging to understand because some of them are similar and are difficult to identify without specific information. We also had to do some research about these for schoolwork or projects. I also love to read journals or diaries, for me to know other people’s perspectives. In my group of friends, I was usually the listener. When my friends were experiencing tough emotional situations in life, I always loved to help them. I love knowing what goes on through people’s minds and trying to understand them. Since then, knowing some little information was really helpful to me.

Moving on, I wasn’t a fan of music as a child. I barely put an effort on listening carefully to the beat or melody of the music. I usually thought of music as “noise”. As I got older, around my teenage years, I started to find music relaxing. I listen to music to cheer myself up or clear my mind. It also gives me a chance to pull myself together whenever I find myself in challenging situations. It helps me think of what I have to do regarding the situation without myself having to express my emotions externally. Ever since I took the liking to music, it has always been an important part in my life.